Cosas divertidas: El muñeco de nieve más grande del mundo

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El muñeco de nieve más grande del mundo

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En Maine hacen el muñeco de nieve más grande del mundo.
Es una muñeca y se llama SnowWoman

World’s Tallest SnowWoman statistics

February 29th, 2008
Name: Olympia SnowWoman;
Height: 122′1″;
Weight: 13,000,000 lbs. of snow;
5 foot wreaths for eyes;
16 skis for eyelashes;
“Carrot” nose made of muslin, chicken wire & wood frame by the MSAD #44 elementary school children;
5 red auto tires for lips, painted by the Mahoosuc Kids Association;
48 ft. circumference fleece hat made by the Mt. Valley Middle School students;
130 ft. scarf;
6 1/2 ft. Maine-mica snowflake pendant created by Jim Mann of Mt. Mann Jewelers;
30 ft. spruce trees for arms;
3 truck-loader tires for buttons;
2,000 ft. of rope hair!
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